Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Journey of the Monarchs!

Alright, this is for those who look upon the environment as they look up on themselves. I saw the program in PBS which was about the migration of Monarch Butterflies from Canada to Mexico almost for more than 2000 miles journey across the continent. All that the program was talking is about their lifecycles and ongoing research to solve the mystery of how it is able to make out that long journey. There was a little point in whcih the disscussion was about logging of declared sanctuaries for monarch butterflies. When saw those forests being cleared I cannot explain the sort of emotions that I was in; my eyes started watering.......
I have heard people saying give me my space. How much space do we need really? When are we (the so called civilized people) going to give other biotic elements their space. There is a lot to this not just deatroying the adobe but the culture itself because I believe this migration is a part of the region's itself if we believe that they also belong to our community.
This is not a problem that could be limited to the American continent alone. On careful introspection we could see such things happenig globally. Most developing countries strive to become developed countries and are using it resources beyond the threshold level. On careful observation it can be known that developing countries in their so called development process are just utilizing their resources to gain economic benefits by satisfying the needs of developing countries. Its not to draw a line between the countries but everyone as a global citizen needs to wake up and work together to achieve a sustainable living.
Wake up to the call the nature! No life without earth unless a similar planet is discovered.............

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